Magazine, PR & Media

Magazine, PR & Media Committee Members

TBA (Chair)
Rebecca Patrick
Rana Spencer
Colin Lewington (Special Projects)
Daryl Cross (Special Projects)
Ashlyn Montgomery
Rob Stewart
Cristina Fornasier

Committee Charter


1. At the end of each calendar year, the Committee shall review the previous 12 months’ activities and prepare a comprehensive written report, together with proposals for the work plan for the following year to the Board. The Committee shall review the objectives that it is hoping to achieve in the year ahead and shall provide a written report for the Board on these goals.

2. The Committee is responsible to the Board of the CCC(Q) Ltd and reports directly to the Board;

3. All members of the Committee are appointed by the Board of the CCC(Q) Ltd for a two year term. Such term shall commence from the date of the AGM of CCC(Q) Ltd Members in March each year;

4. The President and Secretary of the CCC(Q) Ltd shall be ex-officio members of the Committee;

5. The Board shall have the power to remove at its discretion any member of the Committee;

6. The Board requires each member of the Committee to sign a Confidentiality Agreement;

7. The Board shall have the authority to intervene in the affairs of the Committee if it considers such action is necessary;

8. The Committee shall have the authority to co-opt extra assistance for specific tasks but the presence of persons co-opted at Committee meetings shall not constitute membership of the Committee;

9. The Committee shall work closely with and liaise with other Committees as often as is necessary to ensure the smooth fulfilment of its objectives and of the CCC(Q) Ltd‘s objects;

10. Accurate minutes of all meetings of the Committee are to be kept and forwarded to the Secretary of the CCC(Q) Ltd for distribution to members of Board;

11. Committees, other than those which have dedicated bank accounts which have been approved by the Board of the CCC(Q) Ltd, are not able to authorise any expenditure. Approval for such expenditure can only be made by the Board of the CCC(Q) Ltd;

12. In relation to bank accounts:

a. A dedicated bank account can only be held in a Committee’s name if the Committee has received prior Board approval to have a bank account in its name;

b. At least one current member of the Board is a signatory to the bank account as well as the Secretary of the CCC(Q) Ltd. Two signatures are required, one of which must be the Secretary or Director;

c. Committees which have a dedicated bank account, can only use that account within the limitations that have been laid down by the Board;

13. It shall be the responsibility of the Chairperson of the Committee to keep the Board fully informed of any matters pertaining to the operation of the Committee. In that respect:

a. The Chairperson shall report to the Board at its regular meetings in writing on any matters considered as being necessary to warrant the attention of the Board;

b. At the Board meeting immediately following the end of each quarter, the Chairperson shall provide for the Board a brief written report on what the Committee has achieved in the preceding quarter;

14. Committees are established at the discretion of the Board to meet a requirement in the fulfilment of the Objects of the CCC(Q) Ltd. If the Board considers that a Committee is no longer serving a useful purpose in meeting those Objects, the Board shall have the right to disband that Committee forthwith.


1. PR and Media Committee is responsible to the Board of the Canine Control Council (Queensland) Ltd. The Mission is to;

• Build and reinforce the Dogs Queensland Brand.
• Promote responsible dog ownership and ANKC registered purebred dogs.
• Build Public awareness in Dogs Queensland and its wide range of activities.
• Promote Dogs Queensland as leaders in approved purebred breeding practices.
• Promote Dogs Queensland as a leader in Canine Health practices.

2. Its responsibilities shall include:

Develop Marketing and Media Strategies

• Develop Operational action plans to support Board approved marketing and media strategies.
• Develop annual budget in support of approved marketing and media strategies.


• Organise and create interest in special events conducted by Dogs Queensland (EKKA, Pet Expo, etc).
• Support other Committees in the areas of Sponsorship and Marketing promotions (ADSS, DOY, etc).
• Develop marketing strategies to support approved breeders and canine health objectives.
• Undertake agreed specialist projects such as filming, interviews, sponsorship negotiations, internal promotion and development of governance processes to support operations.
• Manage existing Sponsorship relationships and seek new Sponsorships.
• Manage and maintain security and ownership over Sponsorship contracts to ensure all contractual requirements are implemented and maintained.
• Conduct periodic inventory checks to maintain integrity of merchandise including use by dates and environmental storage.
• Review annual achievements and prepare a comprehensive report for the Board on completed activities including strategies and proposals for future years.


• Committee members are appointed by the Board of Dogs Queensland for a two year term.
• Each term shall commence following the expression of interest and recruitment process commencing after the AGM or at a time vacancies occur during the two year term.
• Candidates will be selected according to their suitability to the roles or activities of the Committee.
• Each member of the Committee is expected to observe confidentiality where appropriate.
• Expenditure can only be authorised by the Board except where the Committee has approved delegation limits in association with a Committee’s own bank account.
• Members may resign in writing to the Chairperson at any time.
• Members who fail to attend four or more consecutive Committee meetings other than for employment or health reasons will cease their membership.


• Accurate minutes of all Committee meetings are to be kept and forwarded to the Secretary for distribution to Directors.
• A quorum for Committee meetings will be at least three Committee members.
• Minutes from a previous meeting and meeting agendas should be distributed to Committee members one week prior to a scheduled committee meeting.

The Board

• The chairperson of the Committee will be appointed by the Board or will be a member of the Committee in accordance with clause 46 of the Dogs Queensland Constitution.
• At each Board meeting, the chairperson of the Magazine, PR, Marketing and Media Committee will be invited to present a brief update of the Committee’s activities.
The Board will have the authority to intervene in the affairs of the Committee if necessary.