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    • 21st June 2017
    • Health Committee Seminars 12 August Durack

    • Health Committee Seminars 12 August Durack

      The Dogs Queensland Health Committee is pleased to advise members that 2 Seminars will be held at the Durack Showgounds in the Function Room on Tuesday 8 August from 6:30pm. Details are:

      $10 per head (paid in advance). Tickets available at the door, $12 per head.

      Please make advance $10 payments direct into the Dogs Queensland bank account - details as follows:

      Please use reference: sem (and your name) e.g. sem R Harrison

      Commonwealth Bank of Australia
      Account Name; CCC(Q) Ltd
      BSB: 064000
      Account Number: 00050428

      Seminar 1: 6:30 – 7:30pm  Neospora – the facts  diagnosis, treatment and prevention

      Presented by - Assoc. Prof Jan Slapeta MvDr PHD

      Senior lecturer in veterinary parasitology - The University of Sydney

      This little known parasite is every breeder's nightmare. Learn the facts on diagnosis, treatment and prevention from a leading expert. The team at The University of Sydney have been conducting research into Neospora for many years.

      7:30pm – 8:00pm  Short break – light refreshments will be available

      Seminar 2: 8:00 – 9:00pm  DNA – Understanding your dog’s DNA and what’s new in the world of DNA health testing

      Presented by – George Sonfronidis BSc (Hons)

      Managing Director – Orivet Genetic Pet Care

      Orivet Genetic Pet Care are leading the way in Australia in DNA health testing. There are new tests becoming available frequently and keeping up to date is not always easy for every breeder. The importance of understanding your dog’s DNA is paramount to producing happy, healthy puppies into the future.

      9:00pm – 9:30pm  Questions

      These seminars will be recorded.

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    • 02nd June 2017
    • ANKC Board Minutes Summary May 2017

    • ANKC Board Minutes Summary May 2017

      Please CLICK HERE to view the Summary of the Minutes of the Special ANKC Ltd Board meeting held on 13 May 2017.

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    • 26th May 2017
    • Qld Dog Breeder Register Update

    • Qld Dog Breeder Register Update

      Dogs Queensland has been recognised by the State Government as an Approved Entity.

      Below is the link to the document where Dogs Queensland is prescribed as an approved entity:

      Dogs Queensland has communicated with its breeder members to obtain permission to provide their designated details to the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for inclusion in the new Queensland Dog Breeder Register.  As these details are private, breeder members must consent before Dogs Queensland will provide this information.

      Under the legislation, all dog breeders have to be registered on the Register. The Act applies to all litters whelped after 26 May 2017.

      Dogs Queensland thanks our breeder members who have responded to the survey distributed by email (or mail where electronic completion was not available) to provide their consent and designated details and Dogs Queensland has now provided this list to the Government to include in the Register.

      Breeder Members are able to check if they are included on the Register through the following link – please use the membership number you provided in the survey to search:

      Dogs Queensland will provide assistance to any breeder members who are not currently listed in the Register to obtain their permission and details to enable inclusion in the Register.  Please contact the Dogs Queensland office immediately for assistance in doing this.  The legislation requires that all breeders must be registered, and Dogs Queensland strongly recommends that our breeder members do this as part of the approved entity.

      • If you have already provided permission to us, along with your details, you do not need to do anything further. Your Dogs Queensland membership number that you listed in the survey will be recognised as your supply number.

      • Dogs Queensland breeder members who have provided us with approval for their details to be given and uploaded onto the register, do not need to register directly.

      • If you have not provided permission to us, please complete the survey emailed to you (issued 9 February and 12 May) – please advise the office immediately if you do not have this so the situation can be resolved and we can provide a hard copy of the survey to complete if necessary.


      • Breeders must be subscribed to the Register and have a supply number within 28 days of their puppies being born.

      • All breeders must display their supply number when giving away, selling or advertising dogs or puppies. It must also be included in the microchip information of the dog.

      he Register comes into effect today (26 May 2017) and has been established by the Queensland Government to help authorities identify dog breeders and give all dog buyers the peace of mind they already receive from Dogs Queensland breeder members. It will be an offence to supply dogs, born on or after this date, without a breeder supply number.

      For more information about the register please visit or call 13 25 23.

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    • 19th May 2017
    • Postponed - Charters Towers Canine Club Shows 20/21 May

    • Postponed - Charters Towers Canine Club Shows 20/21 May

      Due to the current rainy conditions, flooding and in the interests of everyone's safety in North Queensland at the moment, the Charters Towers Canine Club Championship Shows that were scheduled for Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 May 2017 at Wordsworth Park, Woodstock have been postponed.

      Organisers will meet at a suitable time in the near future and in consultation with Dogs Queensland, another suitable date will be agreed and communicated to members.

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    • 19th May 2017
    • Cancelled - Canine Obedience Club of Townsville Obedience Trial 19 May

    • Cancelled - Canine Obedience Club of Townsville Obedience Trial 19 May

      Due to the Judge not being able to travel because of the current rainy conditions and the grounds being very soggy, the Canine Obedience Club of Townsville Obedience Trial that was scheduled for tonight, Friday 19 May 2017 at Heatley Park, Fulham Rd, Townsville has been cancelled completely.

      The Club is still planning on proceeding with tomorrow's Trials as scheduled, provided that the weather clears as predicted.

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    • 16th May 2017
    • ANKC Canine Research Foundation 2017 Successful Grants

    • ANKC Canine Research Foundation 2017 Successful Grants

      Please CLICK HERE to view a List of the ANKC's Canine Research Foundation 2017 Successful Grants.

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    • 05th April 2017
    • Cyclone & Flood Disaster Assistance

    • Cyclone & Flood Disaster Assistance

      Please CLICK HERE to view a document from Dogs Queensland regarding assistance to members who are directly affected by the recent cyclone and flood events throughout Queensland in the last fortnight.

      In addition, members in the Rockhampton area should note that they are currently in everyone's thoughts and we wish you well with the pending river peaks in the next 24 hours - please stay safe.

      Please note that there is some relief boarding available at the Rockhampton Boarding Kennels for members to utilise if in need - contact details are:

      Address: 208 Etna Creek Rd, Etna Creek 4702
      Phone: (07) 4934 2772
      Mobile: 0418 342 772

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    • 04th April 2017
    • ANKC Press Release - French Bulldog Taskforce

    • ANKC Press Release - French Bulldog Taskforce


      In response to the increasing level of possible fraud in the breeding and registration of French Bulldogs and other breeds, the ANKC Ltd Board of Directors has appointed a Taskforce with the following Remit.

      Identify alleged fraudulent dealings in the ANKC Ltd Registration System, record them and refer them to the appropriate Member Body for investigation.

      Investigate measures to reduce the opportunity for fraudulent dealings in the ANKC Ltd Registration System, including but not limited to DNA Testing, introduction of Litter Registration Limitations and examination of the implementation of Regulations Part 6.

      The Taskforce has received a substantial amount of valuable information from concerned members and in following up this material will be taking the following action.

      Flag all suspect imported dogs and semen.

      Flag all suspected prefixes that have been identified as breeding non allowable coloured dogs.

      Through the appropriate Member Body appoint “Compliance Investigative Panels” to identify breeders and suspected mismarked dogs who are on the Main Register by microchip scanning and visual identification of the colour of the dog, any dogs identified as being registered on the Main Register who are not a recognised colour to be downgraded to the Limited Register.

      Suspected breaches of the Regulations arising from these investigations will be referred to the breeders Member Body for action.

      Although the Taskforce had initially been appointed to address the French Bulldog problem it will also investigate alleged fraudulent breeding and Registration practices in other breeds, including but not limited to, British Bulldogs, Pugs and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.


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    • 10th March 2017
    • ANKC Press Release - French Bulldogs

    • ANKC Press Release - French Bulldogs


      The huge increase in the popularity of the French Bulldog has created opportunities for unethical breeders to exploit the breed, the blatant disregard for the breed standard, and falsifying of colour, via pattern, enabling breeders to charge from $10,000 upwards for puppies, based on the premise of Exotic and Rare Colours, has prompted the Board of Directors of the Australian National Kennel Council Ltd to establish a “Task Force” to investigate the corrupt practices affecting the breed and to make recommendations to strengthen the Regulations to protect the integrity of the registration process.

      Any information that could be of assistance in the investigations should be directed to a Member Body Office for forwarding to the “Task Force”.

      Members of Task Force

      Hugh Gent OAM
      Brian Parker
      David Sales
      Darren Bowey
      Lynette Brown
      Shane Thomas
      Karen Hedberg
      Virginia Gagan-Wilson.


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    • 13th February 2017
    • ANKC Press Release - Notice of Meeting: 2017 National Breed Council

    • ANKC Press Release - Notice of Meeting: 2017 National Breed Council


      Notice is hereby given that the next meeting of National Breed Councils will be held on Saturday, 1 July 2017 commencing at 10.00a.m. at:

      Dogs Victoria Bulla Exhibition Centre
      Calabria Club
      5 Uniting Lane
      BULLA  Victoria  3428

      National Breed Councils are invited to submit agenda items for this meeting to the ANKC Administrator, by no later than COB 28 April 2017 to allow sufficient time for the agenda to be promulgated prior to the meeting.

      National Breed Councils are invited to send two representatives to attend the meeting. The names of your representatives are to be submitted to the ANKC Administrator, by no later than COB 16 June 2017. Only those delegates confirmed by their respective National Breed Council will be permitted entry to the meeting.


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