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    • 02nd April 2015
    • Member Education Scheme

    • Member Education Scheme

      For some time now, members of Dogs Queensland have been asking for a learning program to assist new members with an introduction to the essentials of owning, breeding and showing dogs.

      Additionally, this course is designed to assist existing members to keep up to date with the latest information on Canine Movement, Husbandry, Anatomy, First Aid, Bonding, Genetics and how to achieve successful Show ring outcomes.

      This 10 module course has been designed to allow the participants to study at their own pace, with each module conducted monthly. There are open book assessments and Certificates of Completion for each module. For those considering a future in Judging, Modules 2, 7 & 9 are prerequisites for the Judges Training Scheme.

      If the entire course is not suitable, modules can be completed individually at a cost of $10 per module. For the full 10 modules however, there is a significant saving of 25% if the entire course is undertaken.

      Enrolment is essential. Please CLICK HERE to read the course overview. There is a registration form included on the second page.

      Register your interest now - the first 2 Modules close on 9 April 2015.

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    • 27th March 2015
    • Company Accountant Advert

    • Dogs Queensland Company Accountant

      Please CLICK HERE to view or download a copy of the Dogs Queensland Company Accountant Job Advert.

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    • 26th March 2015
    • Strategic Plan

    • Strategic Plan

      Please CLICK HERE to view or download a copy of the Dogs Queensland Strategic Plan 2015-2019 document.

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    • 25th March 2015
    • New President Elected


      At the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting last night at Durack, the new Board of Directors met and voted to elect the positions of President, Senior Vice-President and Junior Vice-President.

      The Board is pleased to announce the following positions that were elected and will hold these positions for the period up to the AGM in March 2017:

      President: Mr Shane Thomas;

      Senior Vice-President: Miss Ainslie Carius;

      Junior Vice-President: Mrs Ulla Greenwood.

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    • 19th March 2015
    • Director Election Results March 2015


      In accordance with the provisions of our Constitution, the Returning Officer of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) informed the President yesterday of the results of the ballot for the election of the six new Directors of the Board of Dogs Queensland.

      Existing Directors who will remain on the Board until March 2017 are as follows:

      Norma Zimmerle
      Ainslie Carius
      Lionel Blumel
      Ulla Greenwood
      Sandra Mundt
      David Weil

      In the order of the number of votes received, the Directors elected until March 2019 are as follows:

      1. Carolyn Pearen

      2. Barbara Murfet
      3. Shaneen Bendixen
      4. Shane Thomas (Zone 3)
      5. Craig Pettett (Zone 2)
      6. Timothy Thomas

      Please CLICK HERE to view the list of the 11 nominees and the full voting results.

      Please CLICK HERE to view a letter of explanation from the AEC regarding the problems encountered in the conducting of the 2015 Director Election.

      I would like to take this opportunity to thank members for their participation in this process, whether as nominees or as voting members.

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    • 13th March 2015
    • AGM Notice & Agenda Items


      Please refer to the Notice below but ensure you check the Regional Centres as these have been updated and exact details will be confirmed as soon as possible.

      NOTICE is hereby given that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF MEMBERS of the Canine Control Council (Queensland) Limited will be held in the DURACK CLUBHOUSE, CCC(Q) Ltd Showgrounds, King Avenue, Durack at 7:30pm on Wednesday 25 March 2015. All Members have a right to appoint a proxy under Clauses 55-59 of the CCC(Q) Ltd Constitution.

      The ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING OF MEMBERS will be held simultaneously in the following regional centres using 'Skype' technology with the Chair as indicated below;

      • Maryborough – TBC.
      • Rockhampton – Mrs Janet Scott. Venue: Fitzroy Motor Inn, 78 Fitzroy St, Rockhampton.
      • Townsville – TBC. Venue: Thomas Associates, Level 2, 31 Thuringowa Dr, Kirwan.
      • Cairns – Mrs Kerry Frame. Venue: Cairns City Kennel Club, Quigley St, Cairns.

      Business to be conducted:

      • Receiving the report of the Board of Directors for the previous year.
      • Receiving the annual financial accounts duly certified by the Auditor.
      • The appointment of the Auditor for the next Financial Year.
      • The declaration of the results of the election of members of the Board of Directors.
      • Confirmation of CCC(Q) Ltd Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax exemption status.
      • Any other item of business submitted in writing by a member to the Secretary not less than fourteen (14) days prior to the date fixed for the AGM.

      In accordance with Clause 48.1(5) of the CCC(Q) Ltd Constitution, Members were asked to submit any additional items of
      business to the CCC(Q) Ltd Office no later than 10 March 2015.

      To assist Members in providing the most accurate and timely information, if anyone had any questions in regards to the financial accounts it was requested that those be submitted no later than 10 March 2015.

      The items received were as follows;


      1. Moving of Dogs Qld Office to our Grounds at Durack

      This move is not as hard as we may think. Our current Office is not user friendly to us, particularly our Senior and disabled Members. The Meeting Rooms underneath the Function Room at Durack could easily be converted in a short time frame to become our new Dogs Qld Office, with phone lines put in so there is no disruptions to the day to day running of the Office and it could all be done in a matter of a month or two.

      2. Safety Officer

      In this day and age this should be a requirement at every Show to implement safe practices for the protection of all members and their dogs.

      3. First Aid Officer

      We should have a qualified First Aid Officer at each Show and to overcome this it could perhaps be a requirement for our Show Manager's to do a First Aid Course so on the day there is someone qualified for every Show, or a Member who may wish to donate their time to help.

      4. Pet Insurance

      Why don't we have our own Pet Insurance? If the RSPCA and Woolworths for example can offer Pet Insurance to the general public, keeping in mind they have no actual members then why aren't we doing this. We have over 6000 members to which this could also expand into the general public to attract more people into joining. There is also a flow on effect where we could also offer this to our future puppy buyers like for example Pet Plan giving the first 6 weeks for free then the new owners pay if they wish to keep it going thus again generating more income for Dogs Qld, and it can be all underwritten by a big insurance company like for example Holland.

      5. Mentoring

      We need a mentoring system to help show new exhibitors the ropes and to make them feel comfortable and learn how to Show as some find it daunting and give up. Several Members have offered to help new exhibitors.

      6. Formation of an In School Dog Education Program

      We should be implementing a program where a group of volunteers go to Primary Schools with their dogs educating the kids on our purebred dogs and Dogs Qld as this can incorporate many things on general caring for the breed of dog etc but after the kids have seen the dogs and are so excited they go home to tell Mum and Dad about their experiences at School today and hand them the handouts on the breeds the kids were interested in and just maybe we might get some new Members out of it and then again not only lifting our profile out there in the public but get some new Members and hopefully when next Mum and Dad are looking for a dog they might ring us before going to the back yard Breeders and the cost is next to nothing as the people participating will be donating their time and experience. Upon consultation with some of Dogs Qld members on this issue many have said they would love the chance to do it. This not only gives Dogs Qld Members more avenues for puppy sales but the prospect of more exposure for the Purebred Dog World.

      7. Permit Breeders to hold Joint Prefixes' with people who they are acting as Mentors to

      People who have bought a dog which is jointly registered with the breeder have been told by Dogs Qld that this is not permitted even though it has been noted that 2 Miniature Schnauzer breeders held a Joint Prefix. If Breeders are given no option but to sign complete ownership to a new owner, meaning that they can act without the wisdom of the Breeder and
      even on sell a dog to a third party against the Breeder’s wishes and in the end Breeders will choose not to sell dogs on the Main Register. If a partnership agreement has been completed between owners which clearly states the purpose of the dog and who pays for what why are they not allowed to hold a Prefix for that Partnership?

      8. Update from Liaison Officer

      Can the Members request an all region update from the Liaison Officer with how the idea of progressing the 9 dog licence for breeders at Local Council level. We have many Members in areas still awaiting updates, of how discussions are progressing. Even if the Councils are unable to come to the table imminently with a commitment to the Breeders Licences, is there a window of opportunity to address registration fees for dogs (with most falling due from 1 July again) owned by DQ members, at a discounted rate.

      9. Covered Rings Update

      Could you please include on AGM Agenda the costings of the covered rings to be tabled at the AGM.


      10. Position of Dogs Queensland Library

      Can the Library be moved to a more user friendly position at Durack, so that it may be accessed more easily on show days by Trainee Judges, visiting Judges and Exhibitors alike. There are many good Books contained in the Library that are available to Trainees and Coordinators as well.


      11. That the Committee Structure within Dogs Queensland be improved in the following manner:

      (a) that there be two strands (types) of Committees

            (i) Standing (Permanent) Committees,
            (ii) Working Committees (Parties)

      (b) that under the existing arrangement within Dogs Queensland the following Committees become Standing (Permanent) Committees. These Committees to operate on two year terms with membership being reviewed at the relevant AGM when Board of Director elections are held. Nominations for positions on these Committees to be called from the general membership and elections held at the AGM by those attending. Limit on numbers on each Committee to be determined by the Board of Directors.

            (i) Finance Committee (New Committee)
            (ii) PR & Media Committee
            (iii) Conformation Judges Committee*
            (iv) Durack (Grounds) Committee
            (v) Retrieving & Field Trials Committee
            (vi) Queensland Dog Sports Committee
            (vii) Canine Health & Breeder Accreditation Scheme Committee
            (viii) Amenities Committee
            (ix) Library and Archives Committee
            (x) Event (Show) Managers & Stewards Committee*
            (xi) Junior Handlers Committee

      (c) That the following become Working Committees (Parties) with the Board of Directors to establish additional Committees to facilitate specific projects as required. Nominations for membership of these Committees to be sought from the general membership. Limit on the number of members on these Committees to be decided upon by the Board of Directors.

            (i) Dog of the Year Committee
            (ii) Strategic Planning Implementation Committee
            (iii) Other “one off” Committees that are considered short term in operation

      Note: * Should consideration be given to combining these two Committees as they are very similar in the end result: i.e. training of “officials” for the various roles in the dog world.

      12. Durack Infrastructure Plan

      The Dachshund Club requests the Board updates members on the present status of the Infrastructure Plan for the Durack Dog Sports Ground. The reason for this request is that while the subject has been listed for discussion at the Presidents, Secretary’s and Treasurers Meeting in July it is felt that there are many individual members of Dogs Queensland who are not members of clubs who are very interested in what the present situation is and they will not have the opportunity of being able to participate in the discussion. The Club also requests that a regular update on this subject be included in the “Dog World”.

      13. Greyhound Baiting

      The Dachshund Club wishes to enquire as to the reasons Dogs Queensland did not publicly take a stand on the recent Greyhound troubles. Surely if DQ wishes to promote itself as the “voice” of the dog world then it stands to reason that it should have been one of the first organisations to put out a statement condemning the practice of live baiting. Greyhounds are a respected breed recognized worldwide and surely deserve our full support.

      Note 1: All Financial Members are entitled to attend the AGM, vote at the AGM and submit Items of Business for the AGM. Any renewing Members from 2014 who are yet to pay their 2015 Renewal Fees may only attend the AGM but may not vote at the AGM unless their 2015 Renewal Fees are paid prior to the AGM.

      Note 2: All Financial Members unable to attend have the right to appoint a proxy in accordance with Clauses 55 – 59 of the CCC(Q) Ltd Constitution; relevant proxy forms are available from the Dogs Queensland Website or click below to download the 6 of them:

      Proxy Form 1
      Proxy Form 2
      Proxy Form 3
      Proxy Form 4
      Proxy Form 5
      Proxy Form 6

      Note 3: The 2014 Annual Report is available on the Dogs Queensland Website and if Members require a hard copy, they are to request one from the Dogs Queensland Office prior to or after that date.

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    • 10th February 2015
    • Breeder's Seminar 11 March at Durack

    • Please CLICK HERE to download a brochure providing details about a FREE Seminar to be presented by Professor Claire Wade (Breeding Better Dogs) and Veterinarian Bethany Wilson (The Genetics of Hip Dysplasia) on Wednesday 7 March at the Dogs Queensland Sportsgrounds, King Ave, Durack (6:30pm for 7:00pm start).

      In reference to the Seminar mentioned above, please CLICK HERE to view a document advising that this Seminar is now recognised by the AVA (Australian Veterninary Association) as an approved part of the Professional Development Program for veterinarians.

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    • 30th January 2015
    • Applications to ANKC for Canine Research Foundation Grants 2016

    • Members, Clubs and other organisations please note that the Canine Research Foundation is seeking applications for research commencing in 2016 to be funded under the Foundation's Grants program for the year 2016.

      Proposed research projects should be directed towards producing benefit in some aspect of canine health and must be conducted by an Australian University. Applications will close on MAY 29, 2015.

      Application forms may be obtained by e-mail from the ANKC Ltd Administrator at the following address:

      Tracey Barry
      ANKC Ltd Administrator

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    • 05th January 2015
    • Special General Meeting Proxy Form

    • Members, please CLICK HERE to download a Proxy Form for use at the forthcoming Special General Meeting on Wednesday 21 January 2015.

      Please also refer to the relevant Clauses of our Constitution, reproduced below, relating to the use of Proxy Voting at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Special General Meeting (SGM).

      In particular, please note the following:

      • Each member attending an AGM or SGM is limited to exercising a total of five (5) Proxies for other members;
      • The Secretary of CCCQ Ltd can hold an unlimited number of member Proxies;
      • Correctly completed and signed Proxy Forms must reach the Dogs Queensland office at least forty-eight (48) hours before the scheduled time of the meeting;
      • If members are joint members, they should download two (2) separate Proxy forms, one (1) for each member and submit both Forms.

      55 Proxies

      55.1 A member who is entitled to attend and cast a vote at a meeting of the Company’s members may appoint another member as the member’s proxy to attend and vote for the member at the meeting.

      55.2 A proxy to attend and vote for a member has the same rights as the member:

      (1) to speak at the meeting;

      (2) to vote (but only to the extent allowed by the appointment); and

      (3) to join in a demand for a poll.

      55.3 If a proxy is only for a single meeting, it may be used at any postponement or adjournment of that meeting, unless the proxy states otherwise.

      55.4 A proxy’s authority to speak and vote for a member at a meeting is suspended while the member is present at the meeting.

      55.5 A proxy may be revoked at any time by notice in writing to the CCCQ Ltd.

      55.6 A member is limited to exercising a total of five (5) proxies for other members at any meeting of members.

      55.7 The Secretary can hold an unlimited number of proxies for members at any meeting of members.

      56 Appointing a proxy

      56.1 An appointment of a proxy is valid if it is signed or otherwise electronically authenticated (as referred to in Regulation 2G.2.01 of the Corporations Regulations 2001) by the member making the appointment and contains the following information:

      (1) the member’s name and address and membership number;

      (2) the CCCQ Ltd’s name;

      (3) the proxy’s name and membership number; and

      (4) the meetings at which the appointment may be used.

      An appointment may be a standing one.

      56.2 An un-dated appointment is taken to have been dated on the day it is given to the CCCQ Ltd.

      56.3 An appointment may specify the way the proxy is to vote on a particular resolution. If it does;

      (1) the proxy need not vote on a show of hands, but if the proxy does so, the proxy must vote that way; (2) if the proxy has two

      (2) or more appointments that specify different ways to vote on the resolution, the proxy must not vote on a show of hands;

      (3) if the proxy is the Secretary, the proxy must vote on a poll and must vote that way; and

      (4) if the proxy is not the Secretary, the proxy need not vote on a poll, but if the proxy does so, the proxy must vote that way.

      (5) As a member, this clause

      56.3 does not affect the way that the person can cast any votes the person holds as a member.

      56.4 An appointment does not have to be witnessed.

      56.5 A later appointment revokes an earlier one if both appointments could not be validly exercised at the meeting.

      57 Form of proxy sent out by the CCCQ Ltd

      57.1 A form of proxy sent out by the CCCQ Ltd may be in a form determined by the Directors but must:

      (1) enable the member to specify the manner in which the proxy must vote in respect of a particular resolution; and

      (2) leave a blank space for the member to fill in the name of the member primarily appointed as proxy.

      57.2 The form may provide that if the member leaves it blank as to the person primarily appointed as proxy or if the member or members named as proxy fails or fail to attend, the Secretary of the meeting is appointed proxy.

      57.3 Despite clause 58.1, an instrument appointing a proxy may be in the following form or in a form that is as similar to the following form as the circumstances allow:

      The CCCQ Ltd
      ACN …………………………..
      I/We,                                       of                                , being a member/
      members of the Company, appoint                       of                         or, in his
      or her absence,                          of                           as my/our proxy to
      vote for me/us on my/our behalf at the *Annual General/*General Meeting of the
      Company to be held on                      and at any adjournment of that meeting.

      ✝ This form is to be used *in favour of/*against the resolution.

       Signed on

       * Strike out whichever is not desired.

      ✝ To be insert if desired

      58 Receipt of proxy documents

      58.1 For an appointment of a proxy for a meeting of the CCCQ Ltd’s members to be effective, the following documents must be received by the Secretary at least forty eight (48) hours before the meeting;

      (1) the proxy’s appointment; and

      (2) if the appointment is signed or otherwise authenticated by the appointor’s attorney, the authority under which the appointment was signed or authenticated or a certified copy of the authority.

      58.2 If a meeting of the members of the CCCQ Ltd has been adjourned, an appointment and any authority received by the CCCQ Ltd at least forty eight (48) hours before the resumption of the meeting are effective for the resumed part of the meeting.

      The CCCQ Ltd receives an appointment or authority when it is received at any of the following:

      (1) the CCCQ Ltd’s registered office;

      (2) a facsimile number at the CCCQ Ltd’s registered office; or

      (3) a place, facsimile number or electronic mail address specified for the purpose in the notice of meeting; or

      An appointment of a proxy is ineffective if:

      (1) the CCCQ Ltd receives either or both the appointment or authority at a facsimile number or electronic address; and

      (2) a requirement (if any) in the notice of meeting that;

      (i) the transaction be verified in a way specified in the notice; or

      (ii) the proxy produces the appointment and authority (if any) at the meeting; is not complied with.

      59 Validity of proxy vote

      59.1 Unless the CCCQ Ltd receives written notice of one (1) of the following matters before the start or resumption of the meeting at which the proxy votes, a vote cast by the proxy will be valid, even if;

      (1) the appointing member dies;

      (2) the member is mentally incapacitated;

      (3) the member revokes the proxy’s appointment; or

      (4) the member revokes the authority under which the proxy was appointed by a third party; before the proxy votes.

      59.2 A proxy is not revoked by the member attending and taking part in the meeting unless the member actually votes at the meeting on a resolution for which the proxy is proposed to be used.

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