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    • 17th December 2014
    • Notice of Special General Meeting 21-01-15

    • NOTICE is hereby given that a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING OF MEMBERS of the Canine Control Council (Queensland) Limited will be held in the Function Room, Dogs Queensland Sports Grounds, King Avenue, Durack at 7:30pm on Wednesday 21st January 2015. All Members have a right to appoint a proxy under Clauses 55-59 of the CCC(Q) Ltd Constitution.

      The Board of Directors hereby gives notice of two Special Resolutions (a Special Resolution is a resolution that needs to be passed by at least seventy five percent (75%) of members present at a General Meeting) to amend the CCC(Q) Ltd Constitution in accordance with Clause 70 of the Constitution reproduced below;

      70 Amendments to the Constitution

      70.1 Subject to the Act, this Constitution may be amended only if:

      (1) a Special Resolution is passed at a General Meeting that a proposed constitutional amendment be put to members for a vote; and

      (2) seventy five percent (75%) of all members who vote, vote in favour of the proposed amendment at a subsequent ballot.

      The Special General Meeting has been called in line with a written request received as per Constitutional Clause 49.1 (2) and Members are given notice as per Constitutional Clause 50.1 reproduced below.

      49 Special General Meetings

      49.1 The Secretary must call a Special General Meeting (SGM) upon:

      (1) being directed to call the meeting by the Board; or

      (2) being given a written request signed by one hundred (100) members of the CCCQ Ltd.

      49.2 A request for a SGM must state:

      (1) why the SGM is being called; and

      (2) the business to be conducted at the meeting.

      A SGM must be held within two (2) months after the date the Secretary receives a request for a SGM in accordance with this clause 49.

      49.4 If the Secretary is unable or unwilling to call a SGM within two (2) months, then the President must call the meeting.

      50 Notice of all General Meetings

      50.1 The Secretary must give at least twenty one (21) days’ notice of the General Meeting to each member of the CCCQ Ltd.

      50.2 If the Secretary is unable or unwilling to give notice of the meeting, the President must give notice of the meeting.

      50.3 The notice of a General Meeting must set out the place, date and time for the meeting and, if the meeting is to be held in two (2) or more places, the technology that will be used.

      50.4 A notice of a General Meeting must state the business to be conducted at the meeting. If a Special Resolution is to be proposed at the meeting, the notice is to set out an intention to propose the Special Resolution and its content.

      50.5 A notice of a General Meeting must contain a statement that the members have a right to appoint a proxy;

      50.6 The accidental omission to give notice of any General Meeting or the non-receipt of the notice by any person entitled to receive notice of a General Meeting does not invalidate the proceedings at, or any resolution passed at the meeting.

      Resolution 1

      In Clause 2.1(5) ‘Definitions and Interpretations’ it is proposed to add a clause to read:

      ‘Non-Operational Expenditure means expenditure not associated with the daily running of the CCCQ Ltd.’

      In Clause 35 ‘Functions of the Board of Directors’ it is proposed that three sub clauses be added after 35.3(1) to read:

      35.3(1) (a)

      ‘Subject to Clause 35.3(1) the authority of the Board of Directors to approve spending, without CCCQ Ltd member’s approval, is limited to an accumulative amount of $15,000 per contract for non-operational expenditure.’

      35.3(1) (b)

      ‘Subject to Clause 35.3(1) any non-operational expenditure in excess of $15,000 be supported by a fully costed business plan and presented to the members of the CCCQ Ltd for consideration and approval.’

      35.3(1) (c)

      ‘Subject to Clause 35.3(1) (a) and 35.3(1) (b) the accumulative spending authority of the Board of Directors may be reviewed with member’s approval at each Annual General Meeting.’

      Resolution 2

      It is proposed that a sub clause be added after 46.1 to read:

      46.1.1 ‘Subject to Clause 46.1 only One (1) Board member can be a member of an individual committee’.

      Note 1: All Financial Members are entitled to attend the SGM and vote at the SGM. Any renewing Members from 2014 who are yet to pay their 2015 Renewal Fees may only attend the SGM but may not vote at the SGM unless their 2015 Renewal Fees are paid prior to the SGM.

      Note 2: All Financial Members unable to attend have the right to appoint a proxy in accordance with Clauses 55 – 59 of the CCC(Q) Ltd Constitution; this proxy form is available from this website in a seperate News item under Latest News dated 5 January 2015.

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    • 02nd December 2014
    • Durack Working Bee Saturday December 6th

    • A Working Bee has been arranged at Durack for Saturday 6 December 2014, commencing at 9:00am. To assist with the clean up of the devastation from last week's storm, we would greatly appreciate anyone who can help to come along.

      Please bring any rakes, shovels or anything else that you think may be useful. Of particular interest would be anyone with trailers, utes or trucks to transport material.

      Thank you in advance and we look forward to seeing as many people as possible on Saturday.

      Please note that a barbeque will be provided for all those in attendance and there will be a briefing by the Durack Committee in front of the function room at 9:00am.

      A few pictures of the devastation are shown below:

      Durack Working Bee

      Durack Working Bee

      Durack Working Bee

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    • 28th November 2014
    • Movement of Shows this Weekend to RNA Showgrounds

      • In reference to the storm damage sustained at the Durack Grounds and as previously advised, the planned Amenities and Dog of the Year Support Shows this Friday, Saturday and Sunday 28 to 30 November are unable to be held on the Grounds.

        The Shows have now been moved and will now take place at the RNA Showgrounds.

        The Schedule of Shows is as follows;

        Amenities Committee Show 1 – Saturday 29 November commencing at 10:00am,
        Dog of the Year Support Show – Saturday 29 November commencing not before 4:00pm,
        Amenities Committee Show 2 – Sunday 30 November commencing at 9:00am.

        Please note the following details;
      • Entrance to the RNA Showgrounds will be via O’Connell Terrace - the easiest way to access is to come along Gregory Terrace, turn left into Brookes Street, then left into O’Connell Terrace (See map below).
      • Entrance to the Showgrounds will be from 6:00am both mornings and you will be directed from O’Connell Terrace and also when you enter the Showgrounds you will be directed to the rings and parking.
      • There is plenty of parking adjacent to the rings, as well as enough shade for all exhibitors. There is no need to bring a gazebo.
      • Lighting is provided for the Saturday Evening Show.
      • Limited cold food and drinks will be available from the bottom of the RNA Members Stand in the Member’s Bar.
      • Durack Vendors will be permitted on the Grounds but no power is available.
      • Vouchers will be provided for the winners in lieu of Royal Canin product that will be redeemable at a later date.


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    • 04th November 2014
    • 2015 Non-Conformation National & State Trial Dates

    • Members are advised of the following dates for National and State Trials to be held in 2015, all at the Dogs Queensland Showgrounds, 247 King Avenue, Durack:

      National Agility - 25 to 29 June

      State Agility - 27 & 28 June

      National Obedience - 27 & 28 June

      State Obedience - 27 & 28 June

      National Rally Obedience - 27 & 28 June

      State Rally Obedience - 27 & 28 June

      National Dances With Dogs - 27 & 28 June

      State Dances With Dogs - 27 & 28 June

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    • 28th October 2014
    • Draft Strategic Plan

    • Members are invited to give feedback on the Draft Strategic Plan which has been developed after 8 months of consultations with members and other stakeholders of Dogs Queensland.

      Feedback is due by 28 November at the latest, following the Board’s approval to send out the Draft Strategic Plan for final consideration by members.

      Please read the draft and give feedback to our independent consultant, Howard Nielsen (details below).

      Please CLICK HERE to download and view the document.

      Howard Nielsen, Facilitator, DQ Strategic Planning;
      Consulting Manager, NACC Sustainability People;
      M: 0407 190 162

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    • 27th October 2014
    • Dog of Year & Puppy of Year 2014 Winners

    • Please CLICK HERE to view a document with details and first pictures of the winners from 24 & 25 October Dog of the Year and Puppy of the Year competitions.

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