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Emails to Members 2018

Sent 11:00am on 19 January 2018


First, I would like to say how excited I am to have joined the team here at Dogs Queensland. It is very clear from my first few days that we have a very passionate, engaged group of members and volunteers.

In my first week I can already see significant opportunities for Dogs Queensland to be more financially secure along with a renewed focus on member service and services. I have a strong view that myself and the Administration team are here to serve you, our members. Everything we do will be based around service and how we can improve in this area.

It is very evident that from a financial perspective we have some concerns. I have already commenced a complete review of expenses, current contracts and cost saving initiatives. We should start to see results of this in the next few months. Before we can look at ways to increase our revenue stream, we need to get our expenses under control. I do ask for all your support in this area as I may have to make some unpopular decisions around costs in the coming months. Please keep in mind that the financial security of Dogs Queensland must be the focus and this will be ongoing. The outcome of this will generate more surplus funds, which will give us an opportunity to provide increased and improved services for our members.

In line with our renewed focus on service, we have made a few changes in our Administration Office at Durack:

1. Our new office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00am – 5:30pm and we will now open every Saturday from 8:30am – 12:30pm. This will assist those members who work full time and have difficulty getting to the office in work hours.

2. Our telephones will be manned to reflect the above new office hours.

3. The first 7 car parks at the entrance to the Administration Office are now dedicated for Members and Visitors only. This will make parking much easier for you.

4. We are setting up a small retail space in our reception area. There will be a mix of food, supplements, toys, collars and leads – we would welcome any feedback on the range we carry moving forward.

All of this will be in place by the week commencing 29 January 2018.

We also have a joint event on 4 February with the RSL Forest Lake. It is a War and Service Dog Memorial that is being built at Durack. Many honoured guests will be in attendance and we will lay a wreath on behalf of Dogs Queensland. I have provided the invite at this link, but everyone is welcome and given the theme of the Memorial, it would be fantastic to have a good turnout of members on the day.

Finally, thank you to everyone that I have met over the past couple of weeks. I have been made to feel very welcome. I look forward in assisting to make Dogs Queensland financially stronger, so the current and next generation of dog lovers can enjoy our facilities and events.

Sent 05:00pm on 18 January 2018


Please refer to the updated Orivet Q & A document below. The information on the last 2 pages for registering, ordering kits and sending samples has been updated. Please CLICK HERE to download the new document.
Sent 07:00am on 17 January 2018


Please note the following information updates for the Atherton Tableland Kennel Club Championship Shows being held on Saturday 10 & Sunday 11 March 2018:

• The location has been changed from Mareeba to the Cairns City Kennel Club Grounds, Quigley St, Cairns
• There will now be only 2 Rings in use, therefore the running order for all 3 events will be as follows - Ring 1, Groups 1, 7 & 4, Ring 2, Groups 3 & 2 and Groups 5 & 6 will be run in the first available Ring.
Sent 06:00pm on 16 January 2018


The Agility Sub-Committee is conducting a general meeting for members to discuss the Agility rule amendments and the Games rule changes for 2018. This will be held at 10:00am on Sunday 21 January 2018 at Durack.

Everyone is invited to attend and could any agenda items please be submitted to Rob Harrison (General Manager) by close of business Wednesday 17 January 2018:
Sent 12:00pm on 15 January 2018


Commencing from today, each Monday at 2:00pm, there will be a weekly Staff meeting with the entire team here in the Office.

It is expected that the weekly meetings will go for approximately 1 hour and during this time, there will be no phone access. This time has been identified as one of the quieter times of the week for phone enquiries.

The purpose of the meeting is to look at ways to improve efficiencies and service to all our members.

We appreciate your understanding during this time.
Sent 06:00pm on 12 January 2018


Please note that for the DogzCairns Trials being held at the Ivanhoes Rugby League Football Club, Leisure Park Rd, Smithfield on Friday 30 & Saturday 31 March and Sunday 1 April, the following alterations have been made:

Saturday 31 March - Rally-O will also be offered, the Trial will be judged by Mrs B Murfet and will commence at 4:00pm with Vetting at 3:30pm,

Sunday 1 April - Rally-O Trial will commence at 4:00pm with Vetting at 3:30pm,

Sunday 1 April - Agility & Jumpers Trial will be judged by Mr R Wittkamp.
Sent 04:00pm on 12 Janury 2018


This information is for Dogs Queensland members who currently reside in the Logan City Council area.

We are aware that a number of members have raised concerns about not receiving their annual renewals from the Logan City Council.

Our Government Liaison Officer, Mark Sheppard met with Logan City Council Animal Management staff at the Queens Rd, Kingston facility yesterday afternoon in an attempt to clarify the cause of the delays and to find a solution.

There seems to be three main areas of concern for our members – those concerns include:

  • When annual dog registrations expire and the due date for renewals,
  • When kennel licences expire and the due date for the renewal of those licences,
  • When do breeder approvals (permits) expire and the due date for renewal of those approvals.

One example would be the renewal notices for breeder approval / permits. Those approvals would normally expire at the end of June each year, but the renewal notices have only been posted to permit holders during this week.

Logan City Council (and in particular the Animal Management Division) are working very hard to correct problems that have been identified with the usual billing cycles.

When those bugs are ironed out, then the following expiry and renewal dates will apply.

1. Annual dog registrations – will expire on 31 August 2018 and renewal notices will be sent to residents in early / mid June 2018. If there have been any changes to the dogs that you are keeping on your property during the preceding 12 months, those changes must be made on the renewal notice so that Logan Council can alter their records.

2. Kennel Licences – these licences expire on 30 June each year and renewal notices would normally be sent to licence holders in early May.

3. Breeder Approval (Permits) – these approvals also expire on 30 June each year and renewal notices can be expected in the post in early May.

Our Government Liaison Officer also raised his concerns with a change that has been made to the breeder approval (permit) form. That form now advises breeder permit holders that their details (including street address) will be supplied to Biosecurity Qld for inclusion on the State Dog Breeder register. In the case of Dogs Queensland members, this does not apply. Dogs Queensland are an authorised entity and under the agreement that we have with Biosecurity Qld, we will supply the details of our registered breeders to include name, contact info (telephone / mobile / email) and the local council area where those member breeders reside.

The team at Logan City Council Animal Management Division included this statement on the renewal form to cover non-affiliated breeders (breeders that have an approval from Council but are not members of Dogs Queensland).

When you receive the breeder approval (permit) renewal form, please cross out the section at the bottom of that form that refers to Logan City Council supplying your details to the State Government registry. Please write in your BIN (breeder identification number). Doing that will immediately alert Logan City Council staff not to supply specific street address details to the State Breeder Registry.

If members have any other questions about annual renewals in general or more specific concerns about their dealings with Logan City Council, please send those concerns in writing (via email) to our Government Liaison Officer Mark Sheppard –

Sent 01:00pm on 9 January 2018


It's 2018 and the first edition of D-News is below.

What’s inside?

  • OzTrail catalogue and forms
  • Chinese Year of the (Earth) Dog
  • Platinum Anniversary for Dogs Queensland
  • Something interesting about Siberian Huskies.

Please CLICK HERE to view the January Edition of D-News.
Sent 05:00pm on 5 January 2018


Please remember that the Dog Wash Hydrobath is available for use on the camping ground side of the toilet block at Durack.

This can be used on weekdays during office hours and on weekends during events.

Please note that the machine takes $1 and $2 coins and $5 and $10 notes and also has a card reader available for those who would like to use a credit card.

Also please ensure that you leave a small amount of time at the end of your wash to spray the enclosure with the disinfectant spray option that's available.


Sent 04:00pm on 03 January 2018

Please note that for the Darling Downs Kennel Club Championship Shows being held on Saturday 13 & Sunday 14 January 2017 at the RAS Showgrounds, Glenvale Rd, Toowoomba, due to unforeseen circumstances, the Judge, Mrs M Merchant (SA) has been replaced by Mr G Nolan (SA).