Club/Event Forms

Public & Products Liability Insurance 2020 for Dogs Queensland

Club Administration Booklet
Club Agility Equipment Safety Report
Club Annual Report Forms - PDF
Club Annual Report Forms - Word Doc
Club Conformation Secretaries Schedule & R10 Manual
Club Constitution for Incorporated Affiliates 2010
Club Extra Dog On Grounds Form
Club Incident Reporting Procedures
Club Ring Plans Proforma
Club Specialty Show Day Requirements
Club Stationery Order Form

Event Conformation Agreement to Steward
Event Conformation Championship Show Results (Word Doc)
Event Manager Incident Report
Event Manager's Report
Event Report-Surcharge Dances with Dogs - Durack
Event Report-Surcharge Dances with Dogs - Non-Durack
Event Report - Surcharge Earthdog
Event Report - Surcharge Endurance
Event Report - Surcharge Field - Durack
Event Report - Surcharge Field - Non-Durack
Event Report - Surcharge Herding - Non-Durack
Event Report - Surcharge Lure Coursing - Durack
Event Report - Surcharge Obedience-RallyO - Durack
Event Report - Surcharge Obedience-RallyO - Non-Durack
Event Report - Surcharge Open Show - Non-Durack
Event Report - Surcharge Tracking/Track & Search - Non-Durack

Herding Judges Training and Assessment Scheme 2019
Herding Register Application
Herding Trainee Judges Logbook

Lure Driver Application - Lure Coursing

Risk Assessment Agricultural Societies
Show Schedule All Breeds Conformation
Show Schedule Check Sheet
Show Schedule Specialty Breeds Conformation
Show Surcharge Championship/Open Show - Durack
Show Surcharge Championship/Open Show - Durack - Breed Club Only
Show Surcharge Championship Show Society - Non Durack
Show Surcharge Club Championship Show - Non Durack
Show Surcharge Open Show - Non Durack
Sporting Registration Application

Trial Judging Chart Rally Obedience Individual
Trial Judging Chart Rally Obedience Summary
Trial Judging Chart RATG Novice
Trial Judging Chart RATG Open
Trial Manager's Report